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“A religion that gives nothing, costs nothing, and suffers nothing is worth nothing.”

-Martin Luther

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Hunger Relief

Donate food to the Sustaining Ministries food shelter


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Sustaining Ministries relies on donations to make the work of feeding the hungry possible


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Sustaining Ministries

Sustaining Ministries was launched out of the Oakdale Church of God with the desire to bring the gospel to people in need by providing sustainable resources. We understand people will naturally change for the benefit of a relationship they value. In our opinion, a relationship with Jesus will naturally cause us to want to change our life as we come to value a relationship with him. The Church has the greatest ability to demonstrate God’s love as we reveal the love God has given us. We believe that God, and what we have been given, is all we need to change someone’s life. Sustaining Ministries, will offer resources ranging from free food, clothing, and essential supplies to educational classes, temporary housing, and most importantly: spiritual direction.

Our Mission

We exist to help people discover and follow Christ through sustainable resources.

Our Vision

To demonstrate God’s love to our community.

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